It Girl

By gypseian

Yeah, they called me It back in grade school
But it wasn't the kind of It that was cool
Because I was bigger
Not because I was green
And I can't tell ya how much it hurt that they had to be so mean

Damn kids, I grew to hate 'em
and I quickly shut down
Kept myself in the corner
Didn't dare make a sound
But lookin' back at the pictures
I wasn't all that big
I mean, so what that I was wearin'
My momma's bras at 13
So what
That I was already a size three in my jeans
So what
But they still kept pickin' on me

And it kept on goin' through the years
from my early teens and later
On through middle and high school
The insults kept gettin' greater
They called me a dyke, 'cuz I couldn't get a date
I never went to dances, I was afraid to wear dresses
Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could do was hate

See that's what they did
They made me a traitor
A traitor to myself, the worst kind of hater
Everything about me was wrong
Because I wasn't lean and long

But what could I do about it?
Fuck that!
Yeah, I got tig bitties
And a bit of a belly
I'd rather have curves
And go to the deli,
Have some REAL food, you know?
'Cuz I see those girls who starve themselves to be skinny
Cut out the carbs just to wear that mini
"Can I get that salad with the dressing on the side?"

Guess what, world?
I'm always gonna be wide.
Even if I lost half my weight by tomorrow
I'll still have a few pounds leftover to borrow

So maybe I am an It girl.
It's better than being a Fit girl.
Every bit of my life is delicious
What can you say about you?

It Girl

Created: Jun 12, 2010


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