Subway Existentialist (Dialogue Tale)

By Michal

"Where are we going?"


"No, I mean where are we going, going?"

"No. We are not doing this again."

"Everything seems so empty."

"Because most people don't take the subway at 3:00 in the morning!"

"It feels like an endless journey..."

"We. Live. In. The. Bronx."

"But it all goes by so fast."

"That would be the point of a train."

"Pretty soon, we'll all just be under ground."

"We're already under ground, it's the godamn subway!"

"And what do you think comes after?"

"Oh, God."

"Really? I thought you were an agnostic."

"I'm definitely starting to believe in hell."

Subway Existentialist (Dialogue Tale)

Created: Aug 21, 2012

Tags: new york, dialogue, subway, writing

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