Battleplan (venns RMX)

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so the first version took me about 3 hours to complete yesterday. in essence it was a bit of a disaster and not what i felt was necessary for the song. today the whole world looked differently when i sat down and thrown out about 70% of the things i put in just the day before. well thrown out would be a bit harsh since all the elements are still there only not as compressed. meaning: instead of just layering one instrument over another for 3 minutes i chose to break them up into non conflicting bits and arrange them around the vocals (some fine adjustments on sync).

after i was done there was something missing since the song started so abruptly - there was no story / introduction. so i scowered HR for something spoken referencing battle and war. mattsoar delivered but on a whole other level and much better than expected. thanks Matt.


Created: Aug 21, 2012

Tags: viktor enns, venns, battleplan, song, 2012, remix, metaphorest, trip hop

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