not so much clean boy

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(Hi, before you read this you should know my English not the best so I may have some mistake in it)


I'm a boy who loves dirt that’s the kind of person I am.

When she comes with a sponge in her hand and a big scary smile

I dig my self a hole and vanish for a while.


You can call me filthy, that's the true

Cause the smell of rotten eggs makes my mood

Feels so good

And the look of you choking with a clothespin on your nose

And the letter next morning said "I can't do it no more"

Oh Yes, this is good, I bit you again!


And as far as you know the nanny left

So you, don’t you dare asking me questions

Cause I'm telling you again

She's not laying here dead

With a sponge in her head


Created: Aug 21, 2012

Tags: poetry, re: 10min writing challenge, clean, sponge

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