Life vs Living

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What happens when one has a dark mind and a bright heart?
What do you mean?
How can one explain themselves if they do not understand what they are saying?
Hasn’t it ever happened to you where you don’t know why you do what you do, why you think what you think, and why you believe what you believe?
Of course.
And haven’t you ever questioned your actions, feelings, and thoughts?
….I think everyone has.
And how can you go on through everyday life only thinking about them and not doing anything about them?
….I guess I just do.
Do you think that is healthy?
It’s just a matter of life.
So life is a matter of being trapped to your own thoughts? Deprived of your curiosity?
I think you’re wrong. It sounds to me like your just living to get by.
But we can’t just sit around and think about ourselves….
Why not?
Nothing would get accomplished!!
How does it feel to have lost yourself?
It feels like life.
That may be life…but it certainly isn’t living.

Created: Aug 21, 2012


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