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Rocks. That was the only thing that this planet was carrying. Human beings once tried to live here but the conditions were horrible. There was no possibility of growing any plants and the water was depleting speedy. Problems as many, as you could imagine however the story for human’s annihilation was a lot more complex. The end of which has no pleasant tone to it. History was about to repeat itself again because when last this happened-the force that extinguished the flame of human existence and brought only a couple of alive people to their new habitat, did not give them the guidelines to live on. Back three thousand years ago the only creature being able to survive in open space was a race know as Tyx. Described in the Holy Bible as demons that appear from the ground itself and trample whatever was caught by their eye. More commonly known as Devils, these creatures was said to be born from a lava planet and feeding on the suffering of all other life in the universe. Their senses were developed strongly but it was their soul absorbing power that made the universe crumble to its knees. From the moment a Tyx was brought into this world it would take a journey to prove itself worthy of the name it possessed. Having to cross the entire planet and visit three monuments that could truly test their stamina and anger and leadership. They weren’t just brutal but quite cunning. It was said that once from the lava a corpse was born, a human one. Being able to breathe and walk-this corpse had grown eyes from bones, bending them. That was the first thing that could stand up to the daemons and take the power their kept. What took place that day is unknown, though the skeleton was never seen again. The lava planet however was starting to change. There were arias where sand had covered the liquid. Back in that time in order to travel between planets it was not necessary to have flying crafts, humans too could breathe in any atmosphere. Caves were set upon every planet that could lead to any place you heart wanted to visit. That is what made Devils’ destruction plans be accomplished more easily. Humans minded the idea of destroying these portals for which they suffered greatly but all in due time.

Created: Aug 21, 2012


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