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What does clean truly mean? Does it mean there is no dust on anything in the house? Does it mean you don't drink or do drugs? What does it truly mean? My hair is oily and some days looks greasy, that doesn't mean that it isn't "clean." At least thats how I look at it. Some people probably think I'm a slob. Or when people do drugs, other people don't consider them to be "clean" but to them it most likely means something else. When a song has a swear in it people think its the "end of the world" and that it's "filthy." I don't that, I think it makes it that must better. The Strokes are usually very drunk when they perform so you can't always understand them and people think thats "dirty." How? This just proves how everybody thinks differently. There isn't a right and there isn't a wrong. So what I have dirty clothes on the floor in my room. Guess what,  IT'S "CLEAN" TO ME. If everyone thought the same, life would be boring and predictable. Having life being unpredictable is the fun of life. We will all have "dirty" days and we will all have "clean" days. But hey, thats life.

Created: Aug 21, 2012

Tags: 10 minute writing challenge, clean, tori

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