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“You will never amount to anything”
“I will one day support you”
“You will fail”
“I will paint your home your favorite color”
“I hope you suffocate upon the fumes”
“I will wear a mask….then I will plant your favorite flowers”
“I hope you step into a beehive. I know you’re allergic”
“I will make sure to wear boots so I could then water your garden”
“I will burn those flowers”
“I will stay inside. The next day I will re-plant the garden.”
“You will get tired of me”
“I will always love you”
“You will leave me one day”
“I will stay by your side until the end of time”
“I hate that you love me. Please leave”
“I will not leave, mommy. I love you”

Created: Aug 21, 2012


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