Death's Entourage (REMIX) RE: Death

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I suggested as a Theme: Death, but Death not from the religious point of view, but more like how we perceive death personally, we believe in death after life? and also, because we are from different countries and cultures, what are the different myths and rituals in our culture and cities and how we interpret death. For me death is intriguing and mysterious, and also natural, so that's why I chose this theme.

Darren (Gyllenmaya) is being doing great illustrations aboout this theme, so I wanted to play a little bit with them so, inspired in my theme, Gyllen's illustrations and some other ideas, here you have a remix about Death! Hope you like it!

Please if you want to know more about the 2 characters that gyllen create and that are included in this remix go and check this 2 records: Minstrel of Death and Herald of death :)

Created: Aug 21, 2012


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