Trippy (I'm Breaking Up With You)

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"I'm breaking up with you." These are the words Charles would hear come out of his girlfriend's mouth almost daily.

 Alli. was her name. It wasn't that they were a bad couple or anything, they were actually the perfect couple. That was just something she said when she disagreed with Charles on something.

 Like if Charles told Alli that Spider-Man would destroy Deadpool in a battle to the death, Alli would say, "OMG I Can't Believe You Said That!" "I'm Breaking Up With You."

Though she never meant it she still always said it as a joke. That's just the kind of relationship these two had. Only girls on Facebook could dream about a relationship like this. We all know those girls.

Out of the two, Alli was the one that kept everything together. While Charles was the one who made bad things seem good. He was good at comforting Alli when she needed to be. No matter how big the problem was, it seemed like it never really fazed them.

Alli was very mentally strong. Charles was in a band so he had to go on tour alot, which seperated them for some time. If it wasn't for Skype and Facetime they would never see each other's faces for at least a month and a half. It's amazing how they were able to keep things together so well for such a long time.

"Charmander!" That's what Alli would call Charles when she wanted to tease him a bit. I wonder how many kids today know where that name comes from. "I'm breaking up with you."

One day Charles needed some underwear for his upcoming tour. Since they rarley washed their clothes, having fresh pairs of undies was a must. Once Charles finds the package he wants, no pun intended, he hands it to Alli and she says, "Hmm, I don't think you'll be able to fill them out."


That's what was so great about them. They could joke around like that without someone getting even a little upset. They were more best friends then they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Just best friends that made out and had sex. I told you they were the perfect couple.

I'm starting to feel kind of bad that I'm only telling you the good and not the bad part of this story. I mean I could go on forever telling you more reasons why Charles and Alli were the perfect couple, but I would feel guilty knowing that the bad over shadows the good no matter how well I sugar cote it. I'm sorry.

"I'm breaking up with you."

Let's fast foward two years later shall we. Charles and Alli's four year anniversary was coming up and Charles had a BIG surprise for her! He planned a vacation for them to go to Spain for two whole weeks! "This is going to be the greatest anniversary ever babe," Charles said to Alli. But she reacted as if she didn't even hear him. Something was wrong, very wrong.

Two days before they were to fly out to Spain, Charles decided to finally tell Alli the surprise. He put the tickets inside the love note he wrote Alli on their first date together. On the back of their Fudruckers receipt Charles wrote a poem that Alli would never forget the words to as if it were her favorite song. The poem wrote,

"Love is hard to find, but I'm glad I found mine."

"You are the one that lights up my sun, without you I would be done."

"I could no longer exist without the taste of your kiss."

"Not even Santa could deliver this gift"

"I love you with all my heart, not even death will tear us apart."

"Add an F,N, and Y to Alli and with a little scrambling you get,"


Charles asked Alli to go check the mail so he can see her face light up through the window. As Alli approached the mailbox he could tell something was wrong with Alli's posture. He didn't think much of it though since he was just imagining was her reaction was going to be. As she opened up the mailbox she shuffled through the junk mail and coupons and finally got to the tickets.

As she opened up the love note and saw the tickets she instantly started balling with tears. But something was wrong. Alli was known as a very emotional person but something just didn't feel right to Charles. She was crying as if she had just found out a close relative had just passed away. Not tears of joy, but tears of pure sadness.

Charles could tell something was wrong. He ran out to Alli and asked, "What's wrong?" "I Thought It was always your dream to go to Spain?" Alli looked at Charles and gave him the most mediocre smile someone could give and without a saying a word she walked away.

Charles chased Alli into the house where he stopped her to figure out the problem. "Hey, are you ok?" Alli, with the tickets in her hand looked up at Charles with tears still poring down and said, "I'm breaking up with you." Now remember how I said Alli always said this but always as just a joke, well Charles had a feeling that this time, she meant it.

Confused, Charles stood there in a daze as Alli rushed over to her car keys and opened the garage door reveiling the bright Florida sun. As Charles got his mind staright he ran over to Alli as she was just fastening her seatbelt and asked, "Why are you doing this?" "What's going on with you." "Just come back inside so we can talk about this plea.." "NO!" "I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS!" 'I'M SORRY BUT I JUST CAN'T SEE YOU ANYMORE ANTHO...CHARLES!" Knowing what she just said, she bolted out of the garage nearly hitting an oncoming car as she left the driveway.

Charles had to figure out what was going on. So he decided to chase after her. Since she had taken the car he was left to take the golf cart Alli surprised him with after coming home from a European tour he was on. 

Charles drove out not even closing the garage door. He didn't know where she was going. So he was basically shooting in the dark. All of a sudden Charles hears thunder coming from the sky. Almost instantly it starts raining. Charles knew his golf cart wouldn't last in this weather so he decided to pull into a gas station and parked by the pumps.

He decided to go into the gas station to get a coffee to calm his mind a bit. As the steam rose from his cup he walked over to the register to pay for his coffee when a man walked in and stood behind Charles as he was paying. As the cashier opened the register the man pulled out a gun and grabbed Charles by the neck and pointed the gun to the cashier.


Devistated all Charles could do was stare into the cashiers eyes hoping he would give up the cash. The cashier said, "Ok Ok." "Just take it easy alright." The cashier started taking out the money when all of a sudden Alli walks in not knowing was going on.

Alli yelled out a scream and almost simultaneously the robber pointed the gun to Alli and pulled the trigger.

Charles realizing what had just happened, broke free from the gunman's grip and went to swipe the gun away but was too slow. The gunman threw a haymaker at Charles knocking him to the ground where he lay helpless and waiting for him to pull the trigger.

Charles closed his eyes and then, "Bang!"

Not knowing whether or not he was still alive, Charles opened his eyes to see the robber dead on the ground as smoke left the barrel of a gun the cashier was holding.

Forgetting to thank the cashier Charles crawled over to Alli's helpless body to see that she was no longer living. No tears, no words came out of Charles because one cannot feel anything when their heart splits in half.

Alli died that day by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Charles never was the same after that day. No more smiles, no more joy, no more love. Charles died at age 41 from an unknown illness. He also died not knowing what was going through Alli's mind that unforgettable day when she was killed. Charles always hoped him and Alli would die old together but instead he died alone with a diamond ring in his hand for fourteen years. There never was a Mr and Mrs Trippy.

'I'm breaking up with you."

Created: Aug 20, 2012

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