Ozzy Eno (Nothing)

By micahurley

Ozzy Eno

Ozzy Eno liked to do nothing
But everything’s something so what does he do?
He stands on a spot and stares at a grey wall.
Now that is something but nothing special at all.

When People ask about Ozzy Eno,
They don’t know what to say.
“ozzy eno does nothing, he does nothing everyday”

But I know it’s not nothing
And you know that its true
He stands on that spot and faces that wall
It’s something, we know. But nothing special at all.

The sun outside, shines to light
His room so dark, as dark as night,
He closes his eyes because it’s too bright
His eyes are shut, shut very tight
And at that moment, I know I was right
As his eyes are closed to block the light
He dreams of flying in the night
His insides feel warm and bright
As he holds a kite, so very tight
He thinks to himself, that he just might..
Open his eyes to see the light
The light so bright, oh what a sight
Why is his room as dark as night?
Why does never let in light?

Ozzy Eno Must be brave
He must do more than nothing kind of something
Ozzy Eno stops his nothingness
He goes towards the curtain.

He looks at the sky, he looks at the light
And then he remembers why his room is not bright


*It's not great, but maybe we can turn it into something*

Ozzy Eno (Nothing)

Created: Jun 11, 2010


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