Runaway, darling

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   I try to understand the reasons that made you runaway. I try to understand why you left me hoping things would change and you would come back with your big brown eyes and your profound voice convincing me that I had to forgive you. And I would forgive you in a heartbeat. I would forget your mistakes, your flaws and the fact that you never paid attention to my details. I wish you would bring back the memories, right now I can’t remember why we started seeing each other, we had so many differences and missing parts that somehow I think we managed to complete each other for a certain amount of time, well, seven months and twenty four days, then you decided we weren’t enough for your busy and scheduled life, so you left this life without any notice, without a single warning, without trying harder. You see this single cut hurts, it is still fresh and I am not able to predict how long it will take to heal, but soon it will and then  I will tell you how hard I worked on our mismatched relationship so that we could find our ways on the planet, different and opposite ways.

Created: Aug 20, 2012

Tags: runaway, fiction, writing, love, creative

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