Cleanliness and Her Struggle

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She started to clean the mess up off of the floor. She had no idea how messy it had gotten, or how messy she'd let it get. She had blocked it out somehow, chose not to see it.

But, other people noticed. They were concerned. "She'd been bad in the past, but she always knew how to keep it together," they thought.

She felt fine, truthfully. She was just tired and had other things to focus on. The cleanliness of her kitchen was trivial. The piles of dishes with harden food didn't matter. What mattered was her. She was working on her. She was working on making herself better.

She stopped calling her friends. She hadn't seen her family in months. They all took it as a sign that something was wrong. But, she knew better. She knew it meant that something was going right, that she no longer had to focus on trying to make other people feel good about her. She could drop the act, because the act was no longer all she had. She had herself.

That's not to say she didn't still struggle. She was struggling through everyday. But it was the kind of struggle that leads to greatness, not that tears you down.

Her own private victory.

Created: Aug 20, 2012


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