Good Morning

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Cecily stared at the ceiling and wondered at the effect of her weekday routine on her weekend non-routine.


I don’t even freaking have class today, she thought trying to will herself to sleep. It wasn’t working. 


Fuck my life.


She looked over at Greg, her boyfriend, who seemed to be having no trouble whatsoever sleeping. Talk about not fair, he had been up just as late as she had, had as many classes as she had, some of them started later, and yet still he slept.


She turned on her side so that she faced him. He was on his back with one arm spread over her head and the other over his eyes. “You are so handsome,” she whispered. His lips were slightly parted and his chest rose and fell softly. She started to touch his soft full pink lips but pulled back when his tongue darted out to lick them, followed by his teeth. He groaned and turned to face her, she was sure he was waking up.


He wasn’t.


That was a little irritating. She shifted her leg and it brushed the front of his pants....and the sizable bulge there. She smiled. She had just gotten a really, really good idea. 


She slipped under the covers and brushed her hand over his cock through his pj bottoms. The bulge pulsed in response.


Cecily peeked up at him to see if he had woken up yet. He hadn’t. She smiled again, good, she wanted to have some fun. Cecily slid his waistband down until his cock was exposed to her view. He was semi-hard and beautiful, she brushed her fingertips across the head and blew her breath across it. She looked up again, he still wasn’t awake.


She moved her head closer to give her mouth better access to him. Her tongue lapped at his dick head like it was a lollipop, once, twice, three times. Then she took his shaft in her left hand, lifted it and started to give long slow licks from his hilt, swirling her tongue around his head. When he was hard enough she took him completely in her mouth, sucking gently until she could feel him tapping against the back of her throat.


Greg gasped and jerked awake, he looked down at Cecily. Was she sucking his dick? She pulled back and smiled, then swirled her tongue around the head and took him back into her mouth. Yes, she was definitely sucking his dick. When she took him deep in her throat he felt like he would explode. She pulled back again and licked her lips, “Come on baby, cum.” 


He couldn’t speak, and when she took him deep into her soft wet mouth again he came.


She laughed deep in her throat as he looked down at her dazed by what had just happened.


Cecily got up and walked toward the bathroom, “Good Morning,” she said. And she closed the door behind her.

Created: Aug 20, 2012

Tags: blow jobs, prose, college, story, mornings, fiction, first person, sex, university, nasty

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