People Isolation

By takediscard

Sweet head
Day one of people isolation begins
I wanted to talk and I ended up watching I am legend.
The connection is about to break anytime. Now I have spent the day cleaning out the house.
There was a gnat or fly that flew off my arm after washing hunter.
He gets to run eat when he is hungry. But I never see him.
I was the one thing I could do to wash him in the tub.
all of these to do lists will only dissolve after my worry and promptness dissolves.
I should make my writing coherent. Because I won’t be able to understand once I look back.
I should get stronger.
more basic. Then I can be able to then deal with the complex
Day two of people isolation
The connection is now local only. But that pretty much means that I’m cut off. I always wake up or go to sleep with goals of summer being greater than it is. But that never happens. I always flake. Shrink into my corner. Eat tons of junk in the morning and continue to do so throughout the week. I am lucky to catch a break. Today I did just that. I guess seeing my dad being able to let go of junk, I should be able to let go of the little hangers
Day 3 of people I solation
The connection is Back. But it is already 12. Flaming heart. I just have to clean out my life. Finish what I have to.

People Isolation

Created: Jun 11, 2010


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