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White. To many people it's the cleanest color in the world. It's pure, and reflective only showing what you want it to. The only problem, you can't hide anything with white. It's too clean. So pure and untouched. Boring.

The white wall looked inviting to the group of young people. They were armed with buckets of paint, rollers, brushes, stencils, markers and pencils. A girl stood at the front of the group facing away from the wall.

"Alright kids! Who's ready to make some chaos from this example of order?" A whispered cheer went up from the assembled teens. "You know what to do boys and girls." The group spread out and began divvying up the supplies. One girl took the stencils and some blue tape and went to work standing on the shoulders of a tall boy to reach the top of the wall. As she attached the stencils people came along to start filling them in. Soon an image started to form from the disjointed stencils.

After about an hour everyone stood back as the head girl carefully removed the stencils to reveal a beautiful mural of the surrounding buildings. The dry colors of gray and black being replaced by bright reds, greens and blues. The sky above was yellow and the bits of foliage were purple. "Alright, mission accomplished kids, let's celebrate." The group headed out, the leader hanging back to study the mural. She knew that a week from now it would be covered up. But she also know that two weeks from now, she and her group of artists would be back to once again sully the white wall. A grin spread over her face at that thought.

Pulling a sketchpad and pencil from her backpack she started sketching the next mural as she walked away.

Created: Aug 19, 2012


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