word salad

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- you’re delusional
- that’s just what they say.
- no, really, your whole family--
- they’re in on it too!
- hey. my mom was... she was a grape lovely little map under a table by the train station.
- you hear yourself don’t you?
- probably need another injection
- the one that lets them hear your thoughts?
- dr. something said that’s “thought broadcasting,” it’s common in people who--
- people who what?
- if i could just find my keys and get them to the news king, maybe those people in glasses would stop watching me
- they never will.
- huh?
- don’t you get it, that’s why you’re here! they will never stop watching you. see all those black dots on the ceilings?
- yeah.
- cameras! every one of them! they go across the country; straight into the prime minister’s office.
- what? that’s just... the paranoia... i mean, right?
- why do you listen to those people at all?!
- they won’t let me go back to the fair if i don’t get another shot. i’ll have to stay here for six more watermelons with empty hats and short sizzling knee pads
- well you have to do something.
- like what.
- they’re writing about you in the newspaper, too. it’s getting really serious. they’ll come for you even if they let you leave. you shouldn’t have left the bridge.
- my sister picked me up there; she loves me.
- i wouldn’t be so sure.
- rebecca? yes she does!
- well, maybe. except i think the pictures she sent you of your niece and nephew have tape recorders--miniature tiny micro ones--in them. she could be working with them.
- you can’t make me get rid of those pictures.
- if you don’t, you’re digging your own grave.
- but tommy and layla seem innocent like ladybugs. last saturday they came up onto the yellow knoll and read the ferns as well as binoculars.
- you’ve got to get out of here.
“stella? it’s time for your shot.”

“thank you, nurse.”

Created: Aug 19, 2012


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