What is it to be clean?

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I mean generally I feel like I am a clean person. But am I really? In fact, I consider myself to be quite messy. However there is a clear-cut difference between the two. But here is how I look at it... soap bars? Are they really self cleansing? I mean if the last part of my body I clean is my ass whole and the following person washes their face first? Haha. How about when you sit there and count a bunch of money all day and constantly touch your face? The bus? Door knobs? Backwash. I suppose these are the things that come to mind when I hear the word clean. I mostly use it through slang terminology. Example: "Did you happen to see my latest music video? That shit was clean!" (Rap and Smoke by Lennin Ledesma)<<<Clean #selfpromotion

Created: Aug 19, 2012


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