Clean - 10min Challenge

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Harrison Greene had always been the sort of boy to never eat his fill. This was not due to a lack of food or lack of want of food, as you might assume. No, Harrison's seemingly bottomless stomach simply could not be filled to his liking. Until, of course, the seventeenth day of October, 1976. They called it his golden birthday, because it was his seventeenth. It began well, but ended very poorly, with the poor teenager making violent sick in the first floor lavatory. How could the tables turn so swiftly, you may ask? Put simply, it is exceedingly difficult for a boy to eat one whole lasagna. Two is a recipe for certain disaster. At dawn, when Harrison had regained confidence in his stomach's ability to remain closed, he said aloud to himself, "Harry, old boy...don't ever clean your plate again."

Created: Aug 18, 2012


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