Square Heart (Beat)

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So my intent with this piece is for someone to come and rock it out Alex Clare style....add a few more instruments, make a solid bass line and add some killer drums.

Vocally I also envision a sound like "ALex Clare". i don't know why exactly but I can't get his style out of my head on this one. Maybe someone like Shane (I Am 1954)  or KENN for the vocals (either of you could really rock this and make it unique)...but I really hate to name just one person because i don't want anyone else to feel discouraged to attempt something.

But first things first...the beat...someone jump in and make it shine so that we can get those solid vocals laid out

Whoever it may be...whatever you may hear...rock it out. Man or woman!

Cheers to Music!


I will be uploading stems shortly

Created: Aug 18, 2012

Tags: indie, techno, dub, rock, beat, pop, synth

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