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What's awkward is when the guy/girl starts walking your way and they wave and you think that it's to you but its not. What's awkward is when your the only one talking very loudly after everyone else quiets down. What's really awkward is when you tell a joke and no one laughs and your in a big crowd of people. What's super awkward is when you slip and you fall on your crush. What's really really really awkward is telling a story and no one gets it. What's super dooper looper awkward is when you sit by yourself at the lunch table and no one bothers to move. What's awkward is that I'm able to be awkward while other people are trying to be serious in a funny situation. What's awkward is saying awkward at least 5 times in a awkwardly sentence...What's really awkward is when you don't know an answer in class and the teacher calls on you and everybody stares like "answer it you dummy" and you have no clue what to say...Everybody's awkward at some point.... Today is my point:)

Created: Aug 18, 2012

Tags: awkward

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