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We've all experienced at least some form of chaos in our lives at one point or another. Maybe it's something small to others, but huge to you personally. Or possibly it's something huge to others, but small to you personally. Point is, if you're going to live any semblence of a "normal" life, you're going to experience chaos at one time or another. My thought is to explore the beauty, the art, and the creativity that chaos can create. How many times do you crank out some of your most incredible work because you've been forced to adjust or adapt to some sort of chaos happening around you?


A few examples of this:


These are really just a few simple situations, but really, chaos can be found in so many aspects of our day to day lives. I would absolutely love to see people's stories, illustrations, films, musical pieces that were spawned from or out of chaos. 

Created: Aug 18, 2012


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