Trying to get Clean

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As the homeless man sat there watching the rat crawl across the railing, he felt he could relate more to it than people. He had forgotten what it was like to feel clean; to have that feeling of freshness.

The man hadn't bathed in many months. He wore the same wretched rags for clothes everyday, standing out in the hot sun with no sense of pride.

Everyday he was trying to get clean. Trying to get enough money to eat, enough money to sleep. To sleep somewhere other than the filthy, germ ridden ground under the overpass.

After all this time of living on the streets, he started to see what most people took for granted. Something that most write off most of the time; to be able to say that they are clean without the realization of how comforting it is.

Everyday; trying to get clean. Trying not to smell or feel like the filth, disgust and decay of life living on the streets; the feeling of a rodent.

Always trying to get clean...trying, but never succeeding. Wanting, but never having...

Created: Aug 18, 2012


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