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Tonight, I was inspired by a young boy. He was with his dad at a football game. The young boy seemed obviously very shy, reserved, and somewhat sad. I watched him continuously look around at all those around him. He seemed fascinated, yet too intimidated to say, do, or react in any other way, than to stare, even at his dad. A bit into the third quarter, I noticed his dad place his ball cap on his head and something changed. I curiously watched and noticed that, with this hat on, the boy took on a new persona. He began to dance, he seemed to exude a sense of confidence within himself, and he stood proudly. I was astounded that one hat, one symbol of his father, could make him feel and act so much differently than just moments before.

Costumes, masks, disguises, clothing, fashion, personas, alter egos. Why do they make us feel the way they do? Can we become more confident in ourselves by “becoming” something else? Why would we want to become “something else?” Can putting on a HAT make us more confident? What does this say about us..... about perception.... about expectation. Who are we trying to hide from... cater to... please. How can we change this and make ourselves comfortable with..... dear god..... OURSELVES? Persona, disguise, costumes and playing a character can also be fun. What are the ways that is it? Why is it? In what ways does it help us explore, discover, define ourselves? etc. etc. I know that certain things make me feel more confident, bright, sparkly. What about you?

I'm not sure what the right word for all of this is. It could be disguise, facade, costume, mask, expression, semblance.... etc. but i like the idea and think it could be a good theme, especially around halloween. any ideas?

Created: Aug 18, 2012


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