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25 Little Things About Me...

1. "Camping" in our flat for a week during the New England 2011 October "blizzard" and subsequent power-outage is one of my favorite memories of my adult life. As much as my mind might first rebel agains going against convention, one day I'd love to try my hand at being a surivalist. At the very least, my dream farm includes being run on my own well (for water), Geothermal energy, solar panels, and wind turbines.


2. I'm not at all artistically talented. I can write a perfect, A+ term paper for a professor who "doesn't believe in A's", but I can't for the life of me impress an art professor. I can't sing, dance, write creatively, or act, but if you are bleeding, not breathing, or otherwise ill, I am perfectly capable of putting you back together (nurse-to-be, and all).


3. Around people my own age, I've been told that I remind them of their mom (true story). I think, and I've been told, that I'm an old soul that got jettisoned to the wrong time. So, now I'm just taking the time to look around and see what lesson(s) I'm meant to learn this time around.


4. From 2004-2010, I was super-involved in Renaissance festivals from Texas eastward. Despite being in high school, I was always traveling to them during the weekends. At one point, I was even involved in owning and producing my own, until the city counsel scared our financial backers off with all of the last minute runaround games they (the city) were playing.


5. I used to love flying (and I still love airports). But now you couldn't get me on a plane for any reason. Even if you drugged me, I could fight off the sedation with pure adrenaline response. I even have nightmares about flying. That being said, I have NO idea where this phobia came from, since it was so out of the blue.


6. Being so involved with Ren faires, I was near-constantly surrounded by different forms of fire, either with performances or camping. Knock on wood, I've never been burned by fire. However, I have been burned multiple times by water. The last time left me with a small plate-sized second-and-third degree burn over most of my stomach. I didn't have insurance at the time, so I treated it 100% at home with alternative remedies. I now have less of a scar than if I'd had it treated professionally. (Disclaimer: I'm NOT recommending foregoing traditional medical treatment when necessary, but if you have no other options...home remedies are NOT "just bunk" as many would have you believe)


7. I was first published when I was nine. It was a historical account of the town I lived in at the time. As far as I know, a copy of that book still resides in the local library.


8. I am my own furnace, except for my feet and my hands. I can be sweating and putting off heat like no tommorow and my hands will still be blocks of ice.


9. I'm obsessed with history.


10. I'm "too normal" to consider myself totally unique, but "too odd" to fit in with the majority of "normal" society. Point being, labels are vastly overrated.


11.  Ever since I was eight years old...some time ago, I've had pet rats. Aside from their short lifespan, they are some of the coolest, most loving pets around. Given their short lifespan, they certainly pack a lot of love into such a tiny and short-lasting package. Give 'em a try, and I promise you won't regret it. They have a lot to teach us about mutual respect.


12. Pain/blood/injuries don't really bother me. I freak out more over someone I love being hurt or injured than I do myself. Case in point: when I was two and dropped an electric screwdriver through my foot, my plea for help to my mom (only because my foot was impaled right into the floor) was, "Uh oh, Mommy, I'm leaking." I also calmly self-diagnosed my appendicitis when I was nine. The ER docs were amazed when the test results came back, and I was spot on. I ended up ringing in the new millenium coming out of anesthesia.


13.  The more comfortable I am, the quieter I am. When I'm nervous, I have a tendency to ramble.


14. My memory is built around numbers and emotions. I've memorized every phone number I've ever had, my social security number, my bank card number, my bank account and routing numbers, my pin number, countless mathematical formulas, etc. Oddly enough, math has always been the most difficult subject for me. The stronger the emotions surrounding an event, the higher the likelihood that I will remember it in great detail. Thus proving the saying "People will forget what you say and how you act, but never how you made them feel" very true.


15. I'm a true believer when it comes to the healing properties of eating quality, pure food. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes at age twelve. By totally overhauling my diet, getting rid of GMO, chemical additives, and other crap in my foods, I reversed this, as well as several other serious health issues.


16. For my entire life, I found it difficult speaking on the telephone. I was just uncomfortable doing so. Helping a friend with the production, marketing, and release of his newest album, helped me gain confidence and get over this discomfort.


17. I'm more afraid of causing pain to the ones I leave behind than my actual death. I'm more afraid of my loved ones' potential drawn out suffering than I am of their actual death.


18. I have the most sensitive hearing of anyone I know, which can be both a blessing and a curse.


19. I am a night owl. If I am allowed to stay up all night to greet the sunrise, I'm perfectly fine. Having to wake up in time for the sunrise is just painful. 


20. I learned to drive, like most Cape Cod kids of that time, on Nauset Beach. It started when I was 5 and could only steer (while my mom operated the pedals). Later I would drive on my own while my mom rode in the passenger seat.


21. I was born in Massachusetts. After going to high school in Florida, I HAD to get out. I love and I missed the cold and the snow and everything else unique to this region. Of course, the year I moved back, we got the October snowstorm and one-two other minimal snows...and that was it...after the snowpocalypse the year before! 


22. My favorite drink is mint water...literally, mint leaves from my garden boiled in water and left to cool.


23. I'm constantly torn between living a realistically logical (in the way the majority of the world operates) life and opening my eyes, ears, mind, and heart as if I were a child experiencing life again for the first time. When I've had the chance to open up, life has been...a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Simply amazing with out of this world experiences. I'm working on maintaining that awareness and that level of energy.


24. The day I can totally pull myself out of my own head will finally be the day I have evolved into my true potential of being someone and something more. A higher form of...being...if that makes any sense. If I could get over my fears, complacency, and out of my head a little more I feel I could be a much better person. Always a work in progress and celebrating every milestone as it happens!


25. I'm quickly becoming very convinced at the moment that trying one's hand at creativity rewires one's brain to BE more creative naturally! Thank you hitRECord for helping me grow! 

Created: Aug 18, 2012

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