Public Service Warning

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"I don't know why they do it.
They are powerless to stop themselves, They are playing within their powers.
Their powers; are endless.
They could move mountains,
Twist the rivers,
Perhaps even reverse our orbit.

So why?
Why do they not push it to the limits,
They never confront a threat; just those that are subservient,
They control all the banks,
Parliament is a joke.
They treat us like rats.

Super intelligence goes to...the miss-treated nerd.
Super-human strength goes to...the recluse.
Invisibility goes to... the experimental guinea pig.

What did you think they would do;
We treat them like rats.
Now they can crush us; the boot is on the other foot.

The cycle will not change,
We will find a way to capture them,
A way to turn this fiasco into the local zoo,
We feel miss-treated;
The bully has become the bullied.

It is bullying;
this cycle is childish,
Nerds; clever potential millionaires,
Take revenge on those who had it good through adolescence.
Taxing and punishing them to the pavement;
They have what they want; they will abuse that power until we take it from them.

The cycle will never stop.
The powers that be will always changes hands.
This wave of 'supers' have simply raised the stakes."

Created: Aug 18, 2012


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