More battles and shots that rang

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Listen to this song while reading this piece of work at a slower pace:


5th time the sun rose again

Sweet smell of salted seashores 

Grit between my shoed toes

Gunshots still rang, yet the worst was over.

Keeping cover from what I've always known.

Dancing to a melody of my dearest war's diaries

Never letting anyone down.

Never giving up.

To run on the earth and my soles to dig in

To the memories of why I am even alive.

And feel the fire of the shell's arm's reaching

Scraping my words until their harsh exterior washed

Yet somehow my options were on my tags

And my faith was with the wind

Moving where I am needed, and for nothing more



Two things that bring bearance

Like the lost cause of your shrapnel

It only exists to tear.

Tear the last bit of flesh I offer.

You will beat it, and wear it. Over my dead body.

And I will never give up.

Or let you lose me.

Because times like these offer few reasons

As to why a world should grow so cold.



I deserve that 5th sunrise

While I wipe the sweat off my brow

And exhale to the hope of a 6th

And for a home on the 7th

And a path written for the 8th.

So you can walk it, and I can cover you.


Created: Aug 18, 2012


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