Balloon - 10 min writing challenge (clean)

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"Oh fuck!"

"Geez, can't you keep it clean? Our little ones are here."

"Well, it's hard to describe that.

"Just call it a...balloon."

"Seriously? You had to choose a clean word and you chose that one? Okay then. How did you get said balloon?" 

"Well, I went to the vendor and asked for one." 

"By vendor do you mean," her eyes widened. "Oh my god and you asked him for a --" 

"Balloon. Shh, yes. Yes, I asked him for a balloon and he gave one to me." 

"That is ridiculous. I would pay to see you ask him for that. But your, uh, balloon, is supposed to look like that? You know what. I can't do this. I can't call that thing a balloon. I know you want to substitute it with that word, but it's equally inappropriate. Can't we just call it like it is? The kids won't know what the hell we're talking about. They're dumb at this age!" 

I looked at her then down at the kids then back up at her. 

"No. Balloon. Go."


**This can also be used for Dialogue Tales, but obviously the descriptions would be erased. That can easily be done.**

Created: Aug 18, 2012


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