The REGULARITY (#78) 08/17/12

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CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Let's hear your ideas for new RE: Themes! They should be broad enough so all sorts of art can be created for them, but they should also be specific - like RE: Magic or RE: Midnight. You can contribute your ideas here:


CALLING ALL WRITERS & TEXT CURATORS: Keep on writing new Dialogue Tales & curating Albums of your favorites so that we can turn these into new Short Films. You can contribute your records to the collab here: 


CALLING ALL ANIMATORS: Let's make an Animated Music Video for the hitRECorderly #2 vinyl track "Electric Loss." We wanna make an abstract, flat, and colorful animated world out of the artwork of Mukei Royalty for this video. You can contribute to the collaboration here:


COME & MEET OUR NEW RESIDENT CURATORS: We were so pleased with how the Resident Curator initiative has been going that we decided to add 8 new Resident Curators to the team. Please give a warm welcome to Metaphorest, ppeppina, 12:42, Pamagotchi, TheSerpentTheCharmer, mirtle, TanjaTHEAwesome, and sojushots!


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Created: Aug 18, 2012

Tags: high definition, request video, animation, titles, hd, 16:9, live action, short film, indoor

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