Arm pit man

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There once was a man known as arm pit man. He lives in an arm pit, but does not have the luxury of being able to do anything one who has an arm pit can. He is merely a head with one arm. He has a very simple job, a job for which he only needs to see with his eyes and swing from one arm pit to another. (Luckily he didnt have a nose!) His job is to pull the little hairs out longer, to protect the arm pit. He resides in the arm pit of Joe. Joe is a nice man but causes arm pit man a great deal of grief simply because he does not know that arm pit man exists. After all, how could he? Arm pit does not have a mouth, and quite literally not the heart to tell him.

Created: Aug 17, 2012

Tags: arm pit man, pit, man, story, arm, superhero

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