Desperate Driver

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"A picture's worth a thousand words."

"Oh, really? What can a picture say that I can't?"

"A lot of things."

"Name one."

"Desperation. Desperation is something you can't describe."

"No it's not. Desperation is the recklessness one gets when there's no hope."

"Desperation comes in many forms. Desperate for home, or those who feel like it. Desperate to do better, or BE better. Desperate to aspire or inspire. You can't describe that feeling that you get deep inside your chest that pushes you to get to your goal no matter what. Yet it's not motivation, it's desperation. It's a need, not a want. A hunger, not a preference. It's no more reckless than your awful driving, and you've never hurt anyone."

"I'm not a bad driver!"

Created: Aug 17, 2012


TaylorTompkins Document Media