How Do You Deal with A Motherfucking Junkie?

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How do you deal with a motherfucking junkie?

You're at college, not getting laid, not making money, hanging out with lowlifes, and racist, dickhead doctors are prescribing drugs that they know will kill

You're at college and your mothrfucking piece of shit family see the addiction and they do absolutely nothing

You're in New Orleans writing a novel based on a new 21st century aesthtetic and the addiction grows

The junkie blames you for her bills, for your father raping her, for her not prospering, for all of her thirty year fuck ups

You publish the book, the publisher drags their feet in publishing it and you move back into the house that made you want to commit suicide and the motherfucking junkie places all the problems on your shoulders

You cook, you clean, you wipe the drool from her goddamn mouth, you clean up after she pisses all over herself, you give her insulin, and still, the motherfucking junkie is not satisfied.

You have obtained a motherfucking degree in a motherfucking major you took just to understand your inner demons and you have to apply for food stamps because the motherfucking junkie and her motherfucking husband won't accept reality and look to others to uplift them.

I ask again, how do you deal with a motherfucking junkie?

You deal with the wastes of oxygen that is your family and humor them for the motherfucking junkie's benefit and it is not enough.

Then, you piece it together.

The motherfucking junkie has a motherfucking death wish. Her intention is to overdose and die so you can get the blame. 

You are being motherfucking set up by a motherfucking junkie who never gave a damn about you to begin with and then pretends to be a motherfucking good Christian.

You are alone. All four of your REAL friends are scattered through the pathetic excuse of a planet they call Earth. You have no family, no car, no money, no way of escape.

You contemplate cuttting your arms open just to let them see the pain they have caused. You are too important to take your life but if cutting is what it takes to get the motherfucking junkie to see the motherfucking light, then you are game

Then, you contemplate selling your soul to a government that hates you because like the motherfucking junkie, that is a part of you that wishes for motherfucking death.

You want escape but the motherfucking past won't motherfucking let you.

You are alone. With nothing but the dreams of youth that have become the regret of adulthood.

Again, how do you deal with a motherfucking junkie?

Would it be easier if this ignorant, country, religious fanatic motherfucking junkie was dead?

Would it be easier? You think that in the depths of your soul but you do not voice it until now.

Would it be easier if you were dead? What are you going to do?

What in the fuck are you going to do?

You have heard all of the labels: faggot, coward, sorry, ungrateful, atheist, incestuous, monster, bitter, stupid, unrepentant, vengeful

You are everything they say and you are nothing at all.

What do you do with a motherfucking junkie that took away all of your dreams?

What do you do with a motherfucking junkie who despises you and wishes you were never born?

What do you do with a motherfucking junkie who purposefully makes herself sick to fuck over you and have the retards proclaim you as the reason?

What do you do with a motherfucking junkie that is your own motherfucking mother?

What do you do?

What do you do?



Created: Aug 17, 2012

Tags: hypocrite, atheist, junkie, rage, african-american, loner, loneliness, heathen, conflict, nihilism, oedipal, alienation

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