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Inspired  to throw this one into the mix by themetafictionist with her brave little records for lizsmalls emotions collab. I know there are a few other cryers on this site, including myself.


Why do we cry?

What makes us cry?

Why do sometimes we connect with crying and other times we turn off?

What are the symbols of tears? (face in hands, hands in the air, a single tear)



For a year I had a crying journal. I am what you might call a "leaker" I don't well up, my tears just fall out of my face with ease, it can be really frustrating and really liberating in different cases. It did come in handy studying at lee Strasberg, and it helps as an actress to hit those scenes over and over, but I became very fascinated by crying as a symbol and an entity when I had a teacher that would only tell us we were good actors when we cried. It frustrated me because sometimes it's the point before tears that make me connect and when they start going on stage, at least, I can at times become bored. I wanted to know what it was all about. I thought I would be a good case study for my experiment, but then ended up realizing that I would just be crying like a maniac right before my period came. A terrible realization, really very incriminating. I would even gravitate towards movies that would make me cry around those times too. Not saying its like that for everyone, but I think this might be an interesting theme. And very soothing for us as a community to embrace out tears.

Created: Aug 17, 2012

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