Changeling (a Dialogue Fairy Tale)

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~ “Hello, little one. Oh come now, don’t be shy. I’m as harmless as a feather.”

* “Who are you?”

~ “A very good question, my young friend. And not one I can answer easily.”

* “Why not?”

~ “Because I am more than just a ‘who,’ you see. And ‘what’ I am...well, I cannot describe it in a way that you would understand.”

* “You look so strange. I’m afraid.”

~ “You must not fear me, child. No harm will come to you. But you must come with me.”

* “Where?”

~ “Simply take my hand, and I will show you a magical place.”

* “What will I see?”

~ “No one going in ever knows, and those who come out can no longer remember. But in between, oh, what an adventure you will have.”

* “Is it safe?”

~ “Perfectly so, my dear. Take my hand.”

* No, I changed my mind.  I don’t want to go. Please, I want to go home!”

~ “It is too late, little one. We have already vanished.”

Created: Aug 17, 2012

Tags: dialogue, fiction, prose, script

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