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As you may or may not know, "Dialogue Tales" is a collaboration in which Writers create scenes without any description of setting or character - just the talk! And Day Glo, our Resident Text Curator, has a few requests for all of you Writers & Text Curators.


Here's how you can contribute to the "Dialogue Tales" collaboration:

WRITERS: Keep on writing new Dialogue Tales. They can be vague or specific, but the core of these is always the interaction between the characters. You could bring in some of the RE: Theme contributions or incorporate some of the prompts from the weekly 10 Minute Writing Challenges.

TEXT CURATORS: Out of the over 1,200 contributions to the collaboration, which are your favorites - and which would make great short films? Let us know by curating an Album of your top selects and contribute them to the collab.


NOTE: Each week two Resident Curators will be releasing Collaboration-related Videos. Each of the Resident Curator's videos will be contributed to "The Weekly Curator Collaboration" (coming soon!)




FCP by GraceFrances & Dr. Gory

Created: Aug 17, 2012

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