Dream Daze

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Comedy Series Idea...

Character participates in her daily activities and creates scenarios for herself, as she visualizes herself in a desired form, like a daydream. She attempts to adopt her daydreamed self in real life and it never seems to work in her favor, as all of her performances are overdramatized until she realizes that her newly adopted persona receives an undesired response from others around her.

Series 1/Ep.1 -- Sexy Secretary/ At work
Series 1/Ep.2 -- Socialite/ At an art gallery
Series 1/Ep.3 -- The Celebrity/ Out at a restaurant
Series 1/Ep.4 -- The Housewife/ Hanging out with her boyfriend
Series 1/Ep.5 -- Secret Agent/ Riding on the Subway

Let me know what you think.  I am a writer and if this isn't something you can envision, then we could still collaborate at a later time. nikalefemme@gmail.com


Created: Aug 17, 2012

Tags: theme, script

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