want to know why i hate so many people? read this.

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Everyone always asks me, "Kelsey, why do you hate everyone?" and i reply with "because all the stupid shit people like to do" and then they ask me "like what?" so, i tell them the very long list of what angers me so much i hate so man people. would you like to read that list? okay, here it is:
-when the kids on 'toddlers & tiaras' clearly dont want to do the pageant but the mom makes them do it anyways.
-when people tell me im their best friend and then not talk to me for months at a time.
-when elders ask me how im doing in school & how many friends i have, & i have to reply with 'i dont have any' because everyones stupid.
-when people say that we're going to hangout and they dont even talk to me after that.
-when theres the one girl in my class who thinks shes top shit & runs the school when shes really a herpe infested cameltoe whore.
-when that herpe infested cameltoe whore tells everyone she was snorting restrals & getting drunk & having a seizure at a party, thinking that makes her cool, and when shes my neighbour for 11 years & i dont like her and she should move back to where she came from ( im not being racist, shes from a different city ) ugh god i hate her.
-when the new girl in my class tells me she likes marilyn manson too and then a few months later she tells me she doesnt know who he is.
-when stupid girls get the same piercing as me so i feel disgusting.
-when justin bieber sings.
-when my sister watches family channel all day everyday.
-when stupid neighbour cameltoes mom says shes like my mom. its like "stfu bitch youre gross and so is your daughter just move away"
-when the honey boo boo commercials come on & shes just an ugly brat & i want to throw her in front of a huge truck.
-when the guy that i like is to shy to even stand around me so he goes & locks himself in his house.
-when my bestfriend wanted me to date that guy for so long & then all of a sudden she says he treats me like shit & i shouldnt date him even though i still secretly like him.
-when the guys in my class call 'dibs' on my tits. like,no get the fuck outta here creep i hate you.
-when my little sister haks a luigi in the same room as me so i yell at her.
-when i think a movies gunna be good & scary & its actually the stupidest movie ive ever seen.
-when i have a whole house plan of when i get married but no one loves me.

& more stuff i can think of right now.

holy jesus my life is so gay.

Created: Aug 16, 2012


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