i do it because i can.

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you see, i dont record all the stuff that everyone else does.
i dont take pictures and find some inspirational word to name it, i dont write about things that dont mean a thing, and i dont think i write about things anyone cares much about. i write, about what matters to me, my life, what goes on in my day, my opinions.
thats what i like to do. i cant just sit down and write. i think about details all night long until i finally sleep. then, i wake up and write it on here.
i think of hitRECord as a place where i can vent where only people i dont know can read it. because then i wont get bitched at for it a home. this place sort of is a home. a place where i feel comfortable, where i dont have to worry about anything i say, or post or anything like that. ive barely had my account for a week but i already am attached to this site.
i cant sleep? hitRECord.
im bored? hitRECord.
4 hour drive? hitRECord.
i write about the stuff i do because i can. and i like the feeling that i can do or say what i want.
i promise not to be rude, and ill try not to be obnoxious.
im trying to be grown up about so many things.
why? im going into grade nine.
i need to get my shit together.
that why i do what i want.

Created: Aug 16, 2012


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