Behind the Cupboard Door

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In building #1402 on the corner of 9th and E Street, a coffee mug and a glass sat quietly in a cupboard located in the lounge of Jim's skyrocketing business. After much thought from the night before, the coffee mug began to notice the dull life that he allowed himself to lead.

"I mean seriously, it's the same routine every morning...get filled to the brim with overly strong Belgian coffee just the way Jim likes it, sit lazily on the desk all day, leave my mark on a few of his important papers, and if I'm lucky get a one minute sponge bath to prepare myself for the next morning," complained the drained coffee mug.

The drinking glass thought for a moment then rudely replied, "Well, you are a coffee mug so that's pretty much all you're good for."

"I know, I know," the coffee mug sighed with great despair, "but why can't I be more like you? You have so much variety in your life: exotic juices, almond milk, filtered water, protein shakes, and basically everything else imagineable!"

Just then, interrupting the ongoing conversation, Jim walked through the large mahogany door leading to the lounge. Exhausted from all his hard work and best efforts to keep his company on top, he reached into the cupboard and grabbed the coffee mug. Something was different about this fateful day. There would be no coffee or sitting around today for this little coffee mug.

Jim devised an alternate plan.

"...Lucky," the rather empty drinking glass jealously whispered from inside the cupboard while watching Jim walk towards the hefty upright freezer.

Jim set the now ecstatic coffee mug on the glistening marble counter and placed a colossal scoop of savory creamy vanilla ice cream into the once void and despaired coffee mug. 

*I wrote this short story quite a long time ago and thought it might be interesting to remix it, illustrate it, or even animate it. 

Created: Aug 16, 2012

Tags: morals, mug, coffee, story, short story

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