You are the Beginner

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Why begin? She doesn't want to start it because if she does then she knows she will have to finish. She knows that if she doesn't finish she wouldn't be able to look at herself. She'd be a failure. She avoids the beginning so that she doesn't have to struggle to reach the end. The beginning would be an obstacle, a difficult one. It would be nothing too hard. Very feasible, but quite a disturbance. The middle is immensly painful because it has the potential to bring her to a halt. She can speculate that she would have the stregnth to carry on and finish with many triumphs. Who can say that she is wrong? They are jealous, right? Below her. They try to bring her down to their level. She rather not begin to end prematurely. To not know for a fact that she could not. Because forever permanently in her world she is capable of all things. She can. She can. She can and you cannot tell her that she can't. Don't demand her to begin because then you'll be the one who could not. She has the ability to turn it around. That she can do. She's quite an expert. You are the beginner.

Created: Aug 16, 2012

Tags: prose

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