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She watched his white Chevy  pickup  race out of the parking lot and out of her life for who knows how long, noticing the acute sadness that came with his departure. Why did it matter so much? Who was this boy to her besides an unexpected kindred spirit?  Why did she feel so close to him? She cursed the butterflies that flooded her stomach anytime she saw or was around him. The shivers that went running down her back whenever he spoke.  The way that mischievous sparkle in his eyes always made her want to do something reckless. She had done it again; she fallen for someone she could never have. He loved another girl, a beautiful girl with blonde hair that even on her best day she could never compare too.

Tayla just shakes her head and tells her to forget about it. He’s gone and the years over now so what can she do about it anyways. She knows Tayla is right, knows she should just forget about him and move on. The summer will bring new things, and the people she’s known since they were little kids running around the neighborhood shrieking with not a care in the world. She can’t seem to shake him or the way he made her feel though and as she stands at the door to their building, Tayla sitting at  the front desk behind her, she can’t help but wishing his pickup would come racing back through the parking lot and tell her just how much he can’t shake her either.

Created: Aug 16, 2012

Tags: white chevy pickup, boys, life, pickup truck, love, confusion

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