RE: tori's 10min Writing Challenge #6- PRESENT- [8/9/12]

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written 8/15/12

Present. And accounted for. In my account, I have money with which to buy presents. "I am here! I will buy!" screams america. I will consume, I will force others to consume. they will join in my consumption. we will buy more we will buy more again and neither in this present time nor in the future will we be satisfied. No satisfaction will come from our consumption, for in this consumption, we seek an unmeasurable end. Or do we seek to reach an end? where is the end of this consumption? What was it's beginning? It is no longer a gift we seek, but a message, no longer a message even, it's a game we seek to win, by getting the best, giving the best. But there will always be better. We may always want more. In our blinders, we will always seek to move forward to what we never needed. We will always move toward an end that will never come. Were we to take the blinders off, we would find the real present, the real gift. we would discover that buying is not the answer, not to our truest deepest desires. Surely it fulfills our needs of food and shelter, but past that. When has it ever acheived a deep and meaningful love or connection. Does buying breed art? Does it breed success? I would say no. And yet, in this present time, we seek the best present for ourselves and for those around us. We seek to be more shiny to be more golden than all else, and to no avail. We seek to be better people, but are caught in this world, this cycle this cyclone of getting nowhere by giving everything. We get nothing. We think we are giving everything, but more truly are numbing our true potential to meet untrue "needs." We have become drones in a hive and nothing more, seeking to contribute to a cause less than that for which we were born. We were born to create, to grow, to give of our time, of our talents. We were born to give deeper and deeper, grow more and more. We are here to do these things and we do not yet know. We were born to acheive a better future, continually /worth/ striving for. Where does this lead us? We may never know. but perhaps it is time for us to seek it, not in some future universe, not in some other world, but here, with those around us. We are to seek this gift in the present, for it can be found nowhere if it is not begun here. If we do not begin to seek the present in the present, it will never be found. And that is the mystery and the beauty of it all.

Created: Aug 15, 2012


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