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Disclaimer: spelling & grammar  (I can't write for shit)

Ok-think BEFORE you speak....

Joe asked for themes on twitter a few days ago-I tweeted "Returning" and explained,got a retweet, yadda yadda yadda. Wirrow, blew up his computer ;) and so on.

The video is released on hitRECord to submit themes (I don't think I ever did). ANYWAY-Joe is becoming a VERY POPULAR man, we use to be able to see how many people were a part of the hitRECord community, I would think after this summer it's a skotche LARGER.

There are so many wonderful themes being contributed but when I go to the collab I notice Joe's contributions/suggestions are hearted the most (no matter, this is typical).

Magic- Joe said this numerous times in his video (this isn't for the old school hitRECorders-I'm not telling you anything you don't know)-it was his EXAMPLE of how you choose, submit, contribute to the collab. If you are new-heart it because it's what you like and want-NOT JOE! I promise he is a normal human and his shit stinks just like yours and MINE!

MY ISSUE- QUOTE "We'll see which one gets the most hearts"

TOTALLY FAIR, TOTALLY what hitRECord is always saying they want as a community on certain projects!!!

He is trying to make a company and a community that is for us all-not everyone can be pleased I KNOW!!!

Magic -last I looked had 101 hearts, now Joe may REALLY want to go with a Theme on Magic-if so-well he's getting the most hearts

If I submitted Magic and Joe submitted Returning..............

For most of us here, we REALLY ARE ALL EQUAL and EVERYONE'S themes need to be looked at. For this-I'm not submitting a theme because I don't want to come off as self-promoting.

I just want the newer RECorders to check out other's records.

You will be astonished -there's some amazing art here!

Just a little letter from someone who loves hitRECord and is staying in this booming community.

                       Much <3 Mary Elizabeth

P.S. If I didn't think before I spoke,well....they don't make duct tape for fingers ;)

Created: Aug 15, 2012


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