Madness Vol.1

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She walks into her room, slams the door and she starts to think again. Every time she steps into her room, she felt like she is entering a cube; another dimension surrounded by darkness. The feeling that the Earth has gone and left a space where she could only be. A floating cube in the dark space. Her windows are always closed during the day and only opened during the night to let in the cold air. 

 All she does is sat on her chair and face her computer. The only source where she feels connected. She feeds on meal replacement bars and tea and sometimes skips all her meals. Music has been her loyal companion ever since she was surviving alone. 

 Its 4:00pm, she stares blankly at her computer screen and pictures of the world crumbling apart runs through her mind. Her instinct is telling her that her long awaited dark forces has began raiding the surface of the earth. She has always been dark and gloomy and was misunderstood by being labelled anti-social but no one knew the actual reasons why she behaves like that. At times she felt she is not normal and the insanity has eaten her up. But as it prolong, she starts to enjoy it. She curses those who betrayed her and it never failed once. Its 11.45pm, she woke up in a shocking expression and she cant remembered why or what she had dreamt of. Her mouth was dry and she can feel that she is having a sore throat soon. She is always thirsty and it is getting worst with the cold dry air recently. And in her thoughts, a shadow figure appeared in front of her. She was looking at herself and the dark figure as a third person. As the shadow approaches her, it was the devil itself. “My lady, I am sure that you have been through an awful experience living in a human society. The time will come and I assure you, my lady that this is the future not your insane imaginations. All the dark path you walked through all these years are signs of welcoming you.” as it bows to her. 

to be continued….

Created: Aug 15, 2012


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