Thank You: Part One

By MattConley

Due to me being a complete idiot, my "Thank You" video RECord has to be a two-parter. Let me explain.

I moved last month and had simultaneous leases in Rockland, MA and New Bedford, MA. On May 11th I officially changed my address at the Post Office. What i should have done as well was change my address on my hitRECord Payment Info page.

But I spaced and didn't do it.

Now, for whatever reason, I have gone a month with ZERO forwarded mail. I have made several calls and all the accumulated mail that should have been forwarded hasn't arrived yet. It just seems a bit strange.

So, I figured I'd start by saying "Thank You" with a self-depricating video that explores my adventures in finding my mail.

I'll save the real emotion for Part Two! :)

My two dogs, Abbey and Scout, make cameos.

* Note: The acoustic song is called "Black Kettle." I can't seem to locate it to properly Resource it.

Thank You: Part One

Created: Jun 09, 2010

Tags: downtown, thanks again, look, postal, none, dog, matt conley, dogs, address, bicycle, card, ride, mailman, riding, window, pov, humor, pillars, first person, funny, building, matt, still, letter, fun, record, road, hitrecord, couch, voice, puppy, dogg, mistake, post office, thank, sitting, no, bills, mail, wait, bill, receive, joke, thank you, car, thanks, abbey, missing, laugh, mattconley, speed, pillar, street, talk, sit, bus, envelope, talking, not, bike, received, scout

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