Carolina Melodrama

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Hey Billy.


Evening Officer.


This your mother's grave?


Yeah. It's eight years today.


I'm sorry.


After dad, I was just so horrible to her.


I'm sure she knew that you loved her.


Yeah. Officer?


Yeah, Billy? Wh-


I know what Sean told you.


Billy put the gun down


No. Gemma would hate me if she found out. Her and Martin were close.


Then why did you kill him?


I had to. You know what he used to do. I couldn't let that carry on.


Billy, I'm not gonna hurt you.


She can't know I did it. She'd be so upset. She was so miserable after Mom.


Billy, just put the gun down. I have a family.


had a family.


Please, I have two kids. A boy with a little sister.


Ugh, shut up. Just shut up. Just shut up, or I'll kill you.


Billy, you know you couldn't get away with it.


Why not? Sean's dead, no-one's here and I can head down to Tennessee.


Billy, it's okay. Everything's gonna be okay.


I could be out of Carolina in two hours max. Don't you understand? Then I wouldn't have to deal with this.


Listen, I was close to your parents. I don't need to tell anyone about this. It could stay between us.


What? So someone else can trace it all back to me? I don't wanna live like this.


Billy, no! Don't!


No. I'm thirty-five and I have to go to a place where no-one knows me and hide or I have to go to prison, for God knows how many years.




No, just shut up! I've had enough! From you, everyone!


What would your mother say? 


She'd understand. She would've made sure I didn't mess everything up like I have.


Are you gonna pull that trigger? On your mother's grave?


I loved my mother.

Created: Aug 15, 2012

Tags: dialogue

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