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She made the tiniest of steps. The array of glass goblets that formed the wall nearest to her would surely collapse if disturbed. The ice below her feet did not seem to be very slippery, but it was clear as glass and she could see thousands of feet below her. Her family was gathered there, having a meal and a pleasant conversation around a large glass table. She could hear the muffled laughter and the clinking of the crystal wine glasses.

If she could cross the ice floor to the opposite crystalline wall, there was a long spiral stair that she could take down to them, but it appeared to be made of wafer- thin material that would likely snap under her weight. Behind the wall with his back towards her was Trevor, whom she had been dating for the last five years. He was unaware of her and sat motionless in front of a computer screen, watching what looked like a screen saver of rain falling outside an old window.

She looked upwards and was nearly blinded by the sun being refracted through the crystal spires of the cathedral-like ceiling. All that was around her seemed precious, precarious and fragile. Photos frozen in icy frames, moments frozen in those photos, and thoughts crystallizing in her mind. She brought her other leg forward to match the first and stopped. 

"That's fine", she thought, "...enough for today". More congenial laughter from below. There was a warm sensation coming from behind her, but turning around was not even a consideration. She closed her eyes to see if sleep would come or dreams would end.

Created: Aug 15, 2012

Tags: family, ice, dream, female, crystal, fiction, woman, reality, clear, glass, relationships, clarity, surreal, fantasy

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