You Won The Battle. I Won The War.

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I had no idea what love was. I really thought I did. But I didn’t. I had no idea. Not until after I met you, after we developed feelings, even after we said I love you for the 1,265th time. No, I didn’t find out what love was until you showed me the pain you feel when someone you care about betrays you. Not until after you left, after you lied, after you made my life unbearable for months, after you revealed that you had cheated, after you showed me the real you. Like a Band-Aid, you ripped away everything so fast I couldn’t even fathom the agony I was in, until after I looked back and remembered it. They say in order to really appreciate someone they must be taken from you. Well, you were, and now you are dead. The person I loved died in my arms the last time we kissed. Then, to add insult to injury, you replaced my dead lover with a doppelgänger. You are the Reaper. You sucked the life out of me with no remorse, until I was a skeleton. You are the Devil. I sold my soul at the word “Hello”. But one thing you are not, is my Maker. You can’t destroy me entirely. You took pieces of the puzzle, but with what I have left, and what I can collect as I search for a place to lick my wounds, I can make a mosaic. And it will be much more beautiful than the girl you tore apart. Keep the ashes, and know they’ll never measure up to the re-born Phoenix. You won the battle, and came home to drink in your glory, and while your back was turned, I crept behind you. As you turned, I cut you down with nothing but my smile. I didn’t need a weapon, sharp like the lies on your breath, because with but a smile, you knew, I had won the war. And as the intoxication turns to sickness, and the women turn to whores, and as you sink to your knees, in anguish from the loneliness, and beg for my forgiveness, I will turn my back to you as you have done to me, and I will not speak words of clemency. I will only turn enough to watch you melt away in my peripheral vision, as the foreground changes and the background dissolves into oblivion. Pain is beauty, so I thank you for your contribution.

Created: Aug 15, 2012


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