Gaby's 10min Writing Challenge #6 - PRESENT

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A letter from the Present to my past and future

From Gaby in the present to Little Gaby in the past:

Life is not easy, dear, in fact is very complicated, when you grow up, you have to take care of yourself, you have to work and pay your bills; your friends are going to change and the relationships with them are going to change, you are going to lose people and you are going to meet new ones.  Santa Clause doesn’t exist and either the Tooth fairy, oh and the most important thing: there’s no such thing like fairytales and Prince Charming.  You are not going to be able to play like you use to do now that you are a kid, you know, running in the parks, hanging in trees and making some sand castles on the beach, and sometimes you´ll cry more often than you laugh, but it just going to make you stronger. Life is complicated and sometimes you’ll feel lost, but at the end, everything will be fine.  But I just want to tell you a couple of things: please take care of yourself, pay attention to your parents; they want the best for you and above all: Be happy and enjoy your childhood as much as you can.

From Gaby in the present to Gaby in the future:

I am living the present in the best way I can, is not easy, there are a lot of complications and obstacles, but who say that life is easy? Well, you probably know it better than me. I am doing the best I can, I am taking care of myself although I have to apologies with you for the couple of bones that I broke being a child doing stupid things, I am sure that now you are feeling all the repercussions of my “occasional wild behaviors”, sorry about that. I am doing exercises as I promised, so you’ll be healthy and maybe, who knows, you’ll have a long life, I don’t drink “ a lot” just the normal and thanks god I don’t smoke, I am sure that you’ll appreciate that. I am taking care of my heart, is not going to be broken anymore, and hopefully, I’ll find someone good for me and of course for you, someone you can grow old. But above all, you, the old me, you need to be happy and proud of everything you accomplished in life, maybe is not what Little Gaby in the past and Gaby in the present wants or expects, but life is like that and nothing is perfect.

From Gaby in the present, to Gaby in the past and the future, LIVE, SMILE, LOVE, CRY, LAUGH and Above all, Be Proud of yourself.


Created: Aug 15, 2012


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