Lost at Sea

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The walls were crawling and the sun was shining.  She was shining brighter and I couldn’t see how I’d never noticed her here before. Everything around her felt dull. The wine in my mouth tasted bitter and lacking passion.  She had drained the entire room.  If I could have taken my eyes off her then I would’ve seen everyone else staring at her as well.  The red dress was like blood and her silver necklace like a knife. She was the culmination of all the thoughts and emotions of the evening.  I was lost at sea, drifting through the masses of the party, just trying to reach her.  I felt cold away from her.  I brushed past beautiful girls and soaked in their envy for her.  I brushed past princes and handsome millionaires who couldn’t shake their fever and approach her.  They couldn’t get close to her, and I couldn’t stay away.  I stopped just shy of her grace and stared more intently.  She didn’t notice any of us, but we all noticed her. I stepped into the light she emitted.  As if by cue she turned her head.  Her long brown hair trickled down her neck and unto her chest.  She saw me, and she walked away.

Created: Aug 14, 2012


IanGeoffrey Document Media